Machines We Use

Machines are the sole reason us engineers are able to construct and design our products – without them it would make the process vastly harder and of less quality. There are a range of products that are used, but these are Precision Engineering’s favourite ones.

Automatic Lathes Are The Glass Engineering Masters

An automatic lathe can provide numerous facilities such as turning, chamfering, threading, grooving and drilling by moving products through either 6 or 8 stations. The cycle time of this machine is relatively fast due to running it through those 6 to 8 processes, read a how-to guide.

Compared to the Single Spindle NC lathe it is much faster, depending on various conditions.

  • It can produce both simple and complex turned parts fast, flexibly and economically
  • Strong performance data


  • Offers economic and productive solutions

The Low Maintenance Machine That Lasts A Lifetime

Shaper machines use high grade metal along with the latest technology that ensures the best quality and durability when shaping products.

Many shaper machines are known for their robust construction, user-friendly nature and the length of their lifetime. As well as being low maintenance and are easy to operate. Get in touch for more information about Shaper Machines.

An Efficient Response To Engineering

The Cylinder Boring machine are designed for a quick and efficient reboring of engine blocks. The strength, rigidity and correction of centre lining are the most attractive features of this design.

  • Range of spindle and traverse speed
  • Automatic stop device (safety)
  • Quick and precise cutter settings
  • A big accessory range to recondition the cylinders

Raw materials are widely used within this machine which is why it is ensured quality and safety will not be compromised whilst using machinery.

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